Winter On Tour

The lovely Mr Frost is now taking appointments to view the winter 2011 accessories collection, please contact Leyton via email leytonf@bigpond.net.au or phone 02 9550 6166 / 0425 838 381

Sydney Oct 25 - Nov 12

Brisbane Nov 15 - Nov 19

Melbourne Nov 22 - Nov 26

Perth Nov 29 - Dec 1

Adelaide Dec 2 - Dec 3


Winter Inspiration - Buried Treasure

Imagine finding a chest filled with priceless jewels, the surge of excitement, the thrill as you plunge your hands down into the treasure and lift it gently upwards, shiny trinkets spilling like water from between your fingers.

Winter Inspiration - Jungle

As rays of sunlight streak down through the thick jungle and steam begins to rise small droplets of water caught as they fall appear like tiny transparent jewels.

Winter Inspiration - Nature

Chunky shapes strung together to form dramatic sculptures; wearable art inspired by the debris to be found on a deserted winters beach.


Winter 2011 Previews

Delicate strands of autumn coloured beads made from glass and seeds with chunky wood look closure; necklace C9583 and bracelet A9582.


Winter 2011 Previews

Soft translucent blocks of Autumn colour in resin and metal; bangle A9464 and necklace C9465.


Wearable Candy

Summer styles are being delivered to stores this month including this transparent bangle and necklace set. 


Second Summer 2010

The lovely Mr Frost will be showing the 2010 Second Summer collection in Sydney from the 23rd of August for 2 weeks followed by a week each in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

Contact Leyton via email leytonf@bigpond.net.au or by phone 0425 838 381 to make an appointment.