Liquid Metal

Gargantuan links strung together with heavy black cord; C9767 also available in silver but looks particularly fetching in liquid black nickel. Available for August delivery.


The Pendant

The Pendant; solid beads strapped tightly together to form an irregular bundle. The long and stout C9995 is made from horn, metal and a thick cotton cord.  It will be available for delivery in August.  


Natural Options

Natural need not be demure; these strong shapes add a dramatic full stop.   C9994, A9991 and A9992 are all available for an August delivery.  Appointments can now be made by phoning Leyton Frost 02 9550 6166  


High Shine Black

Resting in sequence a string of graduated discs in high shine black; C9746 is trimmed in glass with satin ties which fasten pleasingly behind the neck.  Available for August delivery.