A dark disco inspired thought before a burst of High Summer colour; C9697 combines rows of glass and acrylic beads and is available for an August delivery.  Enquiries should be forwarded to Leyton Frost c/o leytonf@bigpond.net.au


Couleur Riche

Bubbles of rich colour inspired by the genius of Alber Elbaz and one of my favourite collection moments for SS2011.
Necklace and bracelet in shades of indicolite, purple and grey (not shown) mixed together with black nickel.  C9778 and A9777 available for an October delivery.



The aforementioned 'mesmerising blu combination' see April updates; C139 available for an August delivery along with the equally hypnotic rosso mixture.


Big & Small

Playing with scale; a string of gigantic beads contrasts beautifully with the miniature versions used to great effect in the matching bracelet.  Both C9662 and A9664 will be available for an October delivery.